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Family Owned and Operated


Ivan Sr. 

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Three generations of Ameritec pictured above.
From left to right: Ivan Mendoza Patino II, Sabrina Mendoza Cesar and Kayo Mendoza Cesar


With over 25 years as a business owner and more than 35 years of industry experience, Ivan Sr. is much more than a HVAC technician. Ivan Sr. is an exceptional entrepreneur, who takes pride in passing down his expertise to the next generation of Ameritec technicians.

While working for a large HVAC company in his youth, he believed he could
provide better and more affordable services on his own. Out of this entrepreneurial spirit he created Ameritec Services

Ivan Sr. takes pride in the fact that Ameritec Services is still family owned and operated, and hopes that one day his son (Ivan II) will take the reigns.

If you've met him, you already know that his
enthusiasm is contagious and his energy is endless! Ivan Sr. looks forward to providing you with excellent service!

Ameritec Services is a family owned and operated company established in 1998. Since then, we have been dedicated to providing the best quality work for the air comfort of your home, family, and community.

Why Choose Us?



Ameritec  is a company that specializes in providing clients with quality heating and air conditioning services.




Regardless of what the HVAC service at hand is, we can guarantee that you will be pleased with our work.






We understand how critical it is to have a fully-functional HVAC system within your property, which is why we always make sure to work fast while paying attention to the quality of our services.

Professional and Reliable Services to your Residential or Commercial systems!

Each HVAC system may have a different repair process or initial issue. We perform the necessary inspections and diagnostics to get to the bottom of it.

This also helps each air conditioning and heating contractor know where to begin with the job to ensure it is appropriately resolved.



With our services, your HVAC system will be in good hands. Count on our team in DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) Area to complete the necessary services for you.

About Our Reliable HVAC Service

Our company in Annandale, VA consists of a team of independent HVAC contractors and an owner/ Head Technician that has over 35 years of experience working in this industry.


We will service your home as if it was ours! By properly diagnosing and repairing any HVAC needs. 

If you are interested in using the services of a reliable AC and heating contractor, give us a call today at (703) 880-4827 to schedule your appointment.

About Us


Why choose Ameritec Services?

Routine maintenance of your HVAC equipment can keep your unit at the forefront.

Our experts' checks will keep you on top of inspections and tune-ups, extending equipment life and improving performance, while keeping your energy bills low.

And our diagnostic procedures indicate when a part is likely to fail or soon, so it can be replaced before it causes any problems.

About Us

COVID-19 Updates

"During these unprecedented times, Ameritec Services wants you to know, we are OPEN to service and help you, taking the necessary precautions for the safety of you and your loved ones. Our technicians are prepared with protective gear and cleaning kits to clean any touched surface in their way in and out. We will get through this together."

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