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LG Art Cool Gallery Units

Happy Wednesday!

Here we perforated a hole through the brick wall of a business and directed pvc and new lines from inside to the new LG outdoor unit.

Before the perforation:

This client needed two LG Art Cool Gallery indoor units with matching outdoor system. They already had an older version of the indoor mini split and matching outdoor, so we only needed to perforate for the second mini split.

We installed a brand new outdoor unit then connected the refrigerant lines to the first indoor mini split.

After the perforation:

We buried the second lines and new connections so they were not visible. We also installed a new disconnect box.

The LG Art Cool Gallery mini split paintings can be changed out.

This place of business was thrilled it only took two days to complete everything.

Now they have "cool" meetings with an extra touch!

Please call 703-880-4827 to inquire about these beautiful strong systems!

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